Restaurant - Dining at Waldhotel Zöbischhaus

Restaurant with Vogtland and german cuisine

The Restaurant

Restaurant opening hours:


The Restaurant of the Waldhotels Zöbischhaus is open from

Tuesday - Sunday


11.30 am to 2.00 pm


5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Monday closed



Come in and make yourself comfortable. We hope to see you soon!


A small selection from the Menu:




Hot beer soup


with black bread Croutons & fresh herbs

from our kitchen garden



Main dishes:



Schwammesteak 'Moosmutzel'


Succulent pork steak with wild mushrooms,

baked with cheese - with Bambes (potato pancakes) and salad



Homemade Game in aspic


with cranberry-remoulade, fried potatoes & salad



Grillteller 'Zöbischhaus'


2 grilled pork steaks, sprinkled with grated cheese,

garnished with grilled sausages, Bambes (potatoe pancakes)

& green salad



Pike-perch fillet


on scrambled eggs with shrimps, potatoes & green salad



...and much more...!


Enjoy your meal!

We look forward to see you soon!


Sincerely your team Zöbischhaus